4 of the Most Expensive Men’s Shoes in the World

Shoes, they’re not just for walking anymore. I mean, I guess they haven’t been for some time. Shoes have been tied to fashion for as long as fashion has existed, and while men’s shoes are a bit less talked about than women’s, it doesn’t make them any less of a statement.

While men often elect to go with the classy and traditional shoes of day’s past, that’s not to say that an eccentric sneaker or boot doesn’t occasionally make a splash in the male fashion world. In fact, while not practical and (I’m almost positive) entirely fictional, we’ve even seen men grace the world with glass heels featuring live goldfish inside. Of course, this was in a movie, but that’s not to say men’s shoes can’t make a real statement.

The statement we’re trying to make today is, “I’m loaded.” Here are a few of the most expensive men’s shoes in the world to show you’re oozing (or lacking) class, and can’t wait to get your spend on.

Most Expensive Men’s Shoes in the World

Martin Dingman Crocodile Arlo – $1,200

This loafer features genuine crocodile leather and is sure to draw the ire of any activist – or your accountant. The shoe features a soft rubber sole with Venetian crocodile skin as well as additional (unnamed animal) leather and a cloth bottom on the interior. The shoe, just like the crocodile that came before it, takes a bite out of the fashion world and makes a bold statement. That statement? I’m rich, and I’m wearing a crocodile.

New & Lingwood Russian Calf Shoes – $1,550



Apparently luxury also equals using animal skins that could infuriate PETA. The leather on these  comes from young cows and they’re “cured in baths of rye, oat flour, and yeast, hand-finished and soaked in wood liquor.” I don’t know what any of that means, but the medium-brown lace up looks classy, and I’m sure they’re worth every penny.

Nike Dunk Lo Pro SB “Paris” – $11,000

Probably the most expensive Nike SB on the market now, the Paris Dunks were extremely limited with rumors of only 150 to 200 pairs produced.  They feature the workings of French painter Bernard Buffet who passed away in 1999 on the suede and canvas uppers.  The shoes were sold at a few select stores in Paris including Opium and Colette, where people had to wait for days in the cold to get a pair.  If you happen to find a pair, expect to pay well over $3,000 for them. They are being sold for $11,000 on some shoe collector online marketplaces.

Nike Air Mag – $37,500

Photo: nicekicks.com

Remember Back to the Future Part II? Yeah, we don’t really either but apparently the movie featured a men’s high top that automatically laced itself. Of course, Nike actually released this shoe for real to celebrate “Back to the Future Day” on October 21, but this was for a charity auction in 2011, so chances are Tinie Tempah, the buyer of the $37,500 shoes had no idea he could get a working version just a few years later. The shoes, yeah, they were props from the movie. They didn’t actually automatically lace themselves.

Jason of Beverly Hills Slipper – $2,000,000

Photo: footwearnews.com

In case you thought the first two shoes in the list were extravagant and the third was just flat out ridiculous, I want to introduce you to the world’s first 2-million dollar shoe. This one-of-a-kind men’s slipper was designed by a California-based jeweler for the sole purpose of breaking the Guinness World Record for the “Most Expensive Shoe” in the world. The slipper features 14,000 full-cut round white diamonds, each individually set into fine white gold and then adds the luxury of a Tom Ford sole.

The shoe is said to have a total carat weight of 340 carats. Oh, and it took over a year to create and 2,000 man hours of labor.

What is the most expensive shoe you own? Tell us in the comment section below.