Watch Of The Week | Moto 360 : Second Generation

Moto 360 in Champagne Gold Metal. 

It’s very rare that a piece of design comes through the gates blazing, whipping fashionably about and thrashing all the tech competition in one breath. But such is the case with the Moto 360. Here’s a smart piece of tech and fashion rolled up into the comfortable guise of a watch. But this isn’t a watch. It’s a smart watch. It’s a timepiece. And the two words have never really been uttered together in the same conversation before except to that show one is certainly not like the other.

Brace yourselves. It’s like the laws of physics have been disproven. Moto 360 has surfed the desks of many a tech journalist and fashion reporter, and it has landed rather unscathed, charming the likes of geeks and sartorialists alike. Fashionable wearable tech has flopped and floundered (side-eye at Apple Watch and Google Glass), but Motorola has pared down all the fireworks and followed a classic, minimalist design and coupled it with user-friendly tech.

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The watch comes fashioned with Google Now software and a wide assortment of possibilities for its look and feel. Bands range from black leather to metal (gold, stainless steel, etc.), bezels comes in black, chamfer (in gold or silver), or micro knurl (in black, gold or silver). Both of these options finesse a certain texture that waxes from smooth and polished to edgier and more urban. In keeping with Moto 360’s color palette, the case also comes in black, gold or silver.

Moto 360 in Black Leather.

What’s most interesting about the watch is that you ultimately choose the look best suited for you…by building it. In fact, Motorola implores you to “build yours” when you land upon the official site. Granted the choices keep you within a universe of looks that are casually chic and professional, the results are still highly personal.

Battery life was a glaring issue for the brand last year. Going forward, Motorola has equipped the second generation watch with longer life, two sizes (46mm and 42mm for both men and women), removable buckles, and a brighter LED display. To add more salt to competitor’s wounds, not only is it equipped with the latest in Android Wear OS, Google has made it possible for iPhone users to pair their devices with the watch. All for a retail price of roughly $300.

Moto 360 in Light Metal and Champagne Gold.

When and where do you wear this watch? Anytime, anywhere. There is an activation button should you wish to go from classic to futuristic and use your watch for more than just telling time. At the same time, it’s smart enough (pun fully intended) to rock with a chic suit or in a T-shirt and some joggers for those afternoons spent double-fisting your favorite beer at a tailgate with your buds.

 Images courtesy of Motorola.


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