Best Time to Visit Austin, Texas

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Austin is a bustling hub of artistic culture and the home of internationally acclaimed festivals. Although the city maintains its traditional, small-town feel, Austin has grown into one of Texas’ most popular tourist destinations.

From the enthralling nightlife to the mouthwatering cuisine and performance art, there are endless reasons to visit Austin. But when is the best time to go?

Like most metropolises, Austin has plenty of attractions all year long. But if you want to time your trip perfectly, then read on to learn the best seasons to visit:

March Madness


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The biggest events in Austin take place between March and May. The first event in March, South by Southwest, has been the most acclaimed independent music festival for the past five years.

If you still have gas in the tank after SXSW, then the Star of Texas Fair & Rodeo promises plenty of traditional Texas cuisine, live music, art and, of course, bull riding. Each year, the event attracts more than 300,000 visitors from around the world.

In April, the Art City Austin festival showcases the best of the region’s creative talent. Guests can enjoy a diverse range of artistic mediums, as well as plenty of food, drinks and family-friendly fun.

If you’re a young adult and want a truly uninhibited Spring Break experience, then there’s no better place to be than Austin. With thousands of college students, the city has plenty to offer younger crowds who need a much-deserved break from work and school.

Music and Film Festivals

Austin City Limits

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Whether you’re an Austin local or just passing through, the fall season offers plenty of entertainment options. Austin music festivals begin right as summer transitions to autumn. In part, this is because the summers here are simply too hot to enjoy the outdoors. In fact, temperatures regularly surpass 100 degrees Fahrenheit between June and August.

The Austin City Limits Music Festival in September and the Austin Film Festival in October offer plenty of exciting activities – even if you’re not a music- or movie-buff. But if you are, then these festivals are sure to please. What’s more, September is one of Austin’s most comfortable months – with very little rain and just enough sun for a pleasant outdoor experience.

In October, Austin also hosts the Halloween on 6th Street Festival, which is one of the biggest Halloween parties in the United States. Expect plenty of college kids and beer on the streets, as well as exhibitions from local artists.

No matter your age or interests, Austin has plenty of culture and festivities to keep you entertained. But if you want to get the most out of your trip, consider visiting in the spring or fall months. These are the seasons when the streets come alive with the best music, movies, art and food that the city has to offer – making it the perfect time to travel with family or friends, or just to take a solo trip and enjoy the unique charms of this thriving metropolis.