Spotlight | Raised By Wolves: Fall 2015 Collection

The Raised By Wolves Fall 2015 collection has you covered with new favorites that will officially make you rep these Wolves instead of any other sports team. With a pro team quality hockey jersey, and tees & hats with clean logo design and patriotic colors, those loud logo’d threads you’ve been holding on to since high school can now officially be retired. 

Raised by Wolves is a lifestyle brand out of Canada – and we have a lot of respect for these Canadians, because we can tell they know how to make a winter-ready product. Thermals come in staple colors with super subtle logo treatment. Flannels are a high grade, mountain ready weight. Mittens and gloves are finished off with deer skin palms. And the Algonquin Eaerflap Camp Hat is all you need to cover up some bedhead hair, complete with ear flaps to be your saving grace when the temp really dips. And it will.

Pick up the Raised By Wolves Fall 2015 collection at

Photos: Raised by Wolves.


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