Independence Day: Resurgence Gets a Comic Book Prequel

When mankind fought off the alien invasion during the events of Independence Day, it was inevitable that the aliens would eventually return for revenge. But no one could have predicted that it would take exactly twenty years to get an Independence Day sequel made!

Next year, Independence Day: Resurgence will finally hit theaters. But first, the Independence Day franchise will come to comics. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Titan Comics will release an Independence Day: Resurgence prequel comic that bridges the two decades between the films.

Very little is known about the Independence Day comic except that it will reportedly be “a rich psychological prison drama” that begins after the first movie’s ending. Titan Comics editor Steve White added that the new Independence Day miniseries is “a golden opportunity to segue nicely into next year’s blockbuster sequel by taking the mythos of the original and maybe adding a little darkness to it.”

However, Titan Comics has not announced the creative team or the publication date for the Independence Day: Resurgence comic. Presumably it will be released in the months prior to Independence Day: Resurgence’s theatrical debut on June 24, 2016.

Comic book fans, which writers and artists would you like to see take on the Independence Day franchise? Let us know in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox