Sony Action Cam Ups the Ante with Live View Remote

The Sony Action Cam is already well known as the top competitor for the GoPro in the extreme sports and activity camera field. To keep pace and add extra functionality to the already tough and reliable device, Sony added the new, wrist-mounted Live View Remote.

Larger than the GoPro with better clarity and sound out of the box, users can strap the Action Cam ($299) to the head, chest, helmet, handlebars, surfboard, kayak, roll bars, etc. Now, with the Live View Remote, spotters, assistants or nearby spectators can see what the camera sees in real time.

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There are apps that attempt similar functions with the GoPro, linking up with the camera over short distances. However, the Live View Remote ($199) uses its own wifi system to connect to the Action Cam exclusively over a distance of just under 17 feet. Tapping into the memory card inside the Action Cam, the Live Remote also allows immediate playback just capture by the Action Cam.

The only possible quibble with the device is it’s a little bulky on the wrist. Beyond that, the image quality is strong for such a small screen size and its wifi connection is reliable under all conditions as long as its in-range. If the two devices aren’t close enough to communicate with each other efficiently, the wrist remote will let you know.

After a few day’s testing, we managed to run the Action Cam through different terrain, on different vehicles and via various mountings. Built as tough and as dust/water resistant as its GoPro competitor, the Action Cam worked especially well when enabled with its full sound capability.

Built tough enough to serve in its roll as an action camera, it operates well enough to act as an everyday, all-purpose camcorder in a pinch. It’s simply a solid all around piece of technology you can take skiing, mountain biking, rally racing, etc. It’s entirely up to you.


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