A Smartphone Battery That Lasts for 7 Days Could Change Everything

Image Credit: Prykhodov / Getty Images

No matter how much more advanced smartphones become, the one component of every device from Samsung to Apple remains their respective battery lives. Regardless of the display size of their screens, the megapixels boasted by their cameras or their ability to acknowledge our fingerprints in order to add an extra degree of security, we still find ourselves impressed when one can last a full day of moderate usage without grinding to a halt. 

However, a UK technology company has claimed that it has made a huge advancement in this area, creating a battery that can manage a whole week of usage before dying. Intelligent Energy have even modified an iPhone 6 handset that accommodates the new battery, highlighting how it could be implemented in future devices.


The battery reportedly manages to last for 7 days due to it utilizing hydrogen fuel cell technology, with The Times reporting that the only changes required to be made to a device in order for it be able to utilize the battery is for a smartphone to be fitted with small vents that allow excess water from it to escape. 

But despite how revolutionary the battery may be, we could be waiting for at least two years until it’s brought into the mass market. Though Intelligent Energy are allegedly working with Apple (the tech giant has yet to confirm this officially), it’s still some way off from being widely introduced, and with the company giving estimated price point for the tech of $300 billion per year it will be a pricey acquisition for whoever chooses to swoop it up.

If Intelligent Energy have truly found a battery that can last for 7 days that doesn’t tamper with any existing features of the smartphones we use today, then this will undoubtedly prove to be a game-change that will make for a feather in the cap of whichever smartphone manufacturer takes advantage of it.