Spring Break: You’re Going To Fiji Next Year

This Summer, everyone seems to be going to an island (see your Instagram feed of friends in Ibiza), or even buying an island,  as is the case of one UK promoter who recently bought Obonjan, located along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, for the purposes of partying.

You probably can’t afford to buy your own island, and really, you may think you can afford Ibiza, but you can lose money faster than you think – drinks are 20 euros at the bigger clubs, and that’s assuming you get in, and assuming you can pay the cover charge that can sometime set you back as much as 60 euros.

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What about saving your hard earned cash this Summer and going for something between a private island and a public, expensive and crowded one (see: every beach in Florida and Mexico in March)?Well, such a thing now exists.

Imagine a private charter plane taking you and your group of friends to your own island in Fiji (yes, Fiji) filled with five days of beaches, sun, hot bodies in various stages of undress, non-stop partying, free food, International DJs, charter boats, and sleeping accommodations….all for under $2,000 a pop (including flight and hotel).

Seem too good to be true? It’s not.

For thousands of young partygoers in New Zealand and Australia, these private island getaways have already become the “Coachella meets Cabo” of New Zealand, where the company SpringBreak FIJI has its roots, selling out every trip in just a few hours each time tickets go on sale.

The North American ticket sales for Spring Break Fiji are slated to go live in October, so be sure to check the website to sign up early for email alerts so that you’ll be among the first to know when tickets go on sale.

Check the video below or head to SpringBreakFiji.com to get a feel for what this once in a lifetime trip can be like, for a very reasonable price.

Image by Marco Simon (Getty).