Monday Morning Jolt: Enjoy An Island Getaway With Bob Marley

Photo: Stanton j Stephens (Getty Images)

Monday Morning Jolt loves the idea of a tropical getaway. Sitting on the sand in the warm sunshine with waves lapping nearby sounds like the perfect cure for the mid-winter doldrums.

Unfortunately, we also realize almost none of us can actually afford these coastal getaways. They’re expensive, crowded, time-consuming and did we mention expensive?

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Fortunately, we all have imaginations, which are free (for now). A pretend vacation is almost like the real thing, right? This playlist can be your own tropical getaway and you don’t even have to spring for airfare. Music from Bob Marley, Sublime and Petit Biscuit help get you in an island mood.

So light some candles, sip on a piña colada, and let the island vibes wash over you.

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