15 Incredible Predictions for the Future Made by People from the Past

In years to come people will look back on our current technology and our visions of the future (which, tellingly, have become progressively more dystopian) and laugh. Hopefully. The other alternative is that our predictions will be proven right and we’ll be living in the gray, post-apocalyptic wasteland foretold by innumerable movies and video games.

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But right at this moment we can live in relative bliss, and laugh at the predictions made by previous generations in regards to what society would look in their future and our present. Some of these illustrations are oddly prophetic, while others are way off the mark, but they all offer a fascinating look into how the future of the Earth has been perceived over the years.

Take a look in the gallery below:


Credit is due to the subreddit RetroFuturism for these images. If you’re interested in more futuristic visions from eras past, check it out here.