Lucky Shot Brings the Bang to Your Kitchen

In an era when men are becoming progressively pussified with every passing day, it’s nice take a look at something that’s entirely (even laughingly) masculine.

There’s nothing hipster, metrosexual, poetic or sensitive about what the guys at Lucky Shot are putting out there. They make home accessories and other brick brack out of munitions. From shotgun cartridge cufflinks to bullet bottle openers, everything they put out was once a shell, a casing, etc. It was either ammunition or something that housed and carried ammunition.

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I’ll admit the concept is more than a little red neck. You’re not going to see your waiter at Tavern on the Green open your Perrier with anything that has the description “50 Caliber” assigned to it. Everything on this sight is pure ‘Merica and comes from a segment of the country that still hunts, supports the military and (most importantly) never apologies for any such views.

But, there’s something guy affirming about opening your longneck with something originally designed and built to plow somebody’s head apart.

Items at Lucky Shot range in price from $80 or so down to less than $15, and everything can be ordered via mail because it’s no longer actual ammunition. You just might want to hold off on trying to get your products through airport security.

You might want to pick up an item from these guys for no other reason than scaring or irritating that politically correct, bloodless turnip guy you know who’s scared of anything that reminds him men fight in this world. See if he gets the vapors.


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