Microsoft Announces That Windows 10 Will Launch on July 29th

Microsoft has finally announced a release date for Windows 10, revealing that its upcoming flagship operating system will launch on Wednesday, July 29th. 

Following the launch of the new OS there will be a promotional period of one year in which existing Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users will be given the option to make a free upgrade, with a notification popping up on their taskbars today highlighting the features of the new OS. 

Windows 10 will be available in 190 territories worldwide, with Microsoft stating that it will be their last OS. The company now plans to release updates for Windows 10 rather than fully-fledged operating systems, in the hope that more people will jump on board with the software than they did with Windows 8.

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Along with the return of the Start menu, Windows 10 will also introduce “digital assistant” Cortana along with the brand new Microsoft Edge browser, which will replace Internet Explorer.