Is Polaris the future of Windows?

Report: Microsoft Working on a New “True” Version of Win10 for PCs Codenamed “Polaris”

Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images)

Microsoft is working on what just might be the revolutionary version of Windows 10, codnamed Polaris, that will leave out the traditional desktop applications and take a modular approach to computing.

According to Windows Central, Polaris will be a version of Windows 10 built on a Windows Core OS, a modular version of the operating system that can be adapted by Microsoft to suit various needs for phones, laptops, and tablets. And thanks to the CShell, an entirely new graphical user interface.

Polaris will be tied entirely to UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps from the Microsoft Store, rather than classic desktop applications. That’s something Microsoft already tried with Win10S, although not enthusiastically.

It’s important to know that the Windows 10 available today will be sticking around for the power-users or gamers that need it, as the Polaris is intented for general PC users that don’t need high power for programs. People who basically do most of their PC tasks in Chrome.

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