Microsoft Urged to Offer Windows 10 Refunds

Microsoft has been urged to offer refunds to Windows 10 users, following the company’s persistent obnoxious notifications to upgrade to the operating system and other issues with the software.

According to the UK consumer watchdog Which? they have received “well over 1,000” complaints in regards to how Microsoft has handled its Windows 10 launch, which has seen the tech giant send repeated notifications to current Windows users asking them to make the upgrade. In some cases, Windows users have reported that their PC has made the upgrade without their consent, leading to a large backlash against the new operating system.

Which? has therefore stated that these complaints are evidence that Microsoft should be offering compensation to those dissatisfied with Windows 10, with them revealing the problems cited in this complaints “including printers, wi-fi cards and speakers no longer working with their PC; or instances of lost files and email accounts no longer syncing.” The consumer group added: “In some cases, members’ computers were so badly affected that they had to pay someone to repair it.”

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Which? also notes that many have struggled to contact the company to air their frustrations, despite the company offering free support to those struggling with Windows 10. The consumer group concludes: “Which? is calling on Microsoft to honor the rights of consumers adversely affected by the Windows 10 update. This includes paying compensation where it’s due under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.”

The group previously conducted a survey which revealed that 12% of Windows 10 users in the UK reverted back to previous iterations of the operating system, either as a result of faults with the software or because they simply did not like it. However, Microsoft has responded to these calls by pointing to its customer support, rather than outright offering compensation to those dissatisfied with their Windows 10 experience.

Image Credit: Money Sharma / Getty Images