Microsoft Edge is Revealed as Windows 10’s Web Browser

Microsoft revealed the official name for Project Spartan during its Build 2015 conference, announcing that Microsoft Edge will be the web browser pre-installed with Windows 10. 

The new browser is far sleeker than Internet Explorer, with a stripped-down look reminiscent of Google Chrome. Speaking of Chrome, Microsoft announced that developers would be able to port their extensions from Chrome to Edge, thus ensuring an easy transition from those who currently surf the web using Google’s browser.

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Hovering over a tab in Edge will show you a preview of the site’s content, while there are some neat tiles underneath the search bar on its homepage (which will presumably be powered by Bing) that highlight a number of apps that can be installed onto the browser.

Watch Microsoft’s reveal trailer for Microsoft Edge below: 

The new browser will also boast Cortana integration and a built-in reading list, with it also intended to be much faster than its predecessor.

If it isn’t as taxing on memory as Chrome is, then we can certainly see Edge becoming our go-to web browser in the future.


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