Microsoft HoloLens Demo Offers a Glimpse into the Future of Virtual Reality

Microsoft used its Build 2015 conference to offer a further look at its HoloLens virtual reality headset, and it was suitably impressive.

When the HoloLens was first unveiled it looked almost too good to be true. With an announcement video that, among other things, saw the device’s users able to replicate Minecraft and the surface of Mars from the comfort of their own living rooms, the unanimous reaction to its reveal was firstly “Wow!” and secondly “This can’t be real, can it?”

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Well it turns out that the HoloLens is looking pretty darn real after all, with Microsoft providing an on-stage demo that highlighted some of the wearable device’s more everyday functions. The demo featured Microsoft employee Darren sitting in an on-stage recreation of an apartment, with him using the HoloLens in order to set up a series of windows using the VR headset which allowed him to simultaneously view webpages, Skype and watch a move simultaneously, all projected onto the walls of his “apartment.” He was also able to tell the windows to follow him as he moved around his apartment, thus ensuring that he could continue to view the movie as he walked  from room to room.

The demo also highlighted a weather app which showed a neat little graphical representation of the country Darren “was planning to visit on holiday,” along with a holographic organizer to make sure he doesn’t miss his meetings. Oh, and there was also a VR dog involved. 

Check out the demo in the video below:

Photo: Getty Images