The Smart Home Revolution: Silvair Controls Your Home with the Touch of a Button


Given tech companies’ continued push to make our lives a little easier by focusing upon the development of smart home devices, it shouldn’t be long before every room in our homes can be decked out with affordable gadgetry that will see our living space turn into one glorious, connected ecosystem. 

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Enter the Silvair Control from Seed Labs, which is perhaps the best example of a device that can be utilized to control various aspects of your smart home. This circular button/dial contains a specialized chip that allows the user to control the lighting in each room, with the user tapping it, twisting it or sliding it in order to manage everything from their lamps, to their blinds and garage doors. It’s an intuitive, easy-to-use system, with the device being portable (it attaches to each wall using a square magnet), with its own docking station for it to be placed in when not in use.


Though the device operates using a Bluetooth connection, you needn’t worry about pairing it with your appliances. Its unique chip causes each appliance to recognize its function immediately, meaning that you won’t need to endure the hassle of wandering around your home and individually syncing it with every lightbulb you own. The device still needs to be configured using a smartphone app, though it’s far more user-friendly than what we’ve come to expect from this sort of tech.


According to TechCrunch, Seed Labs isn’t limiting Silvair’s technology to their own product, but is also allowing other companies to implement it into their own devices, meaning that the high level of interconnectivity boasted by the Silvair could soon make its way to many other appliances.

With Seed Labs having $3.3 million in funding in order to expand the product, it shouldn’t be long before a consumer build is ready. For those wanting to make the first steps towards creating their smart home, this will surely be a worthy addition to their setup.