PERI Duo is an iPhone Case, a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and a Charger… and it’s Awesome


The PERI Duo is the ultimate iPhone case, and this first-of-its-kind 3-in-1 piece of hardware is close to reaching its goal on IndieGoGo.

The innovative case packs hi-def Wi-Fi/Bluetooth speakers and a battery charger within its frame, essentially making it the iPhone case equivalent of a Swiss army knife. Despite so much being crammed into it, it also boasts a solid design that’s remarkably easy on the eye, considering the tech that the case comes packed with.


An Early Bird offer is currently available on the PERI Duo’s IndieGoGo page that will allow you to get your hands on it for just $79, a whopping 43% less than its typical $139 retail price. That’s also considerably cheaper than the cost of purchasing a charger/portable speaker separate from one another.

You could be forgiven for thinking that, with it being such a cheap purchase, it would take a hit in the sound department. Fortunately (and rather surprisingly) that isn’t the case. The development team behind the tech have released a video highlighting the power of the device’s speakers, which you can watch below:

The speakers also boast multi-cast functionality, meaning that you can stream music to more than one PERI Duo device. If you have a whole family of these things, you could essentially turn your house into one giant speaker, the same tracks blaring from PERI Duo’s attached to yours and your roommates’ iPhones.

We want these to be a thing rather desperately, and with the team having nearly reached $45,000 of its $100,000 goal with just over a month left in their campaign, they certainly need that extra push to make the PERI Duo go from a wonderful concept to an actual product we can throw our money at.

Go support the PERI Duo right here.