Drink Like a Celebrity: Cocktail Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is extremely important in the fine beverages industry. Whiskey, gin, rum, tequila, vodka and other spirit companies hope that consumers will pick their brand and stick with it. The same goes for beer companies. The hope is that a consumer will try their product and stick with it for years and even decades. Celebrities, although in the public eye and (usually) in a different tax bracket than us, are no different when it comes to brand loyalty. If not brand loyalty, they are surely loyal to their tried and true cocktail or spirit.

Frank Sinatra

“Ol’ Blue Eyes” is probably the most famous celebrity associated with a spirits brand. When you think of “The Chairman of the Board”, it’s hard to not immediately think of Jack Daniel’s. Back when Sinatra was imbibing Jack, it wasn’t yet the number one selling whiskey in the world. He actually had to order cases of it for fear that he wouldn’t be able to procure a bottle of the tasty Tennessee treat when he wanted a glass or two.

Recently, Jack Daniel’s announced their newest offering, Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select. When Sinatra died in 1998, along with a roll of dimes to call his friends in the afterlife and a pack of smokes, he was buried with a flask of Jack by his side. Sinatra Select was created to honor the decades long relationship between Jack Daniel’s and Sinatra. The whiskey itself is 90 proof and was aged in a specifically designed cask that contains specially designed deep grooves in order to give the whiskey a spicy and rich, full flavor that Sinatra would have loved.

James Bond

Technically not a real person, James Bond is both a film and literary character. Created by Ian Fleming in 1953, Bond has gone on to appear in fifty or so books and over twenty films. But, his most famous moment might be when Sean Connery portrayed the famed secret agent in the Goldfinger in 1964. This was when Bond explained the way that he enjoyed his martini’s by uttering the legendary phrase, “Shaken, not stirred”. Obviously Bond drank many other drinks and had other vices throughout the years, but the martini is the drink he is most commonly associated with.

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Charles Bukowski

The writer of notable works like “Women”, “Factotum” and “Pulp” was well-known for enjoying a drink or two. It’s easy to assume that the character of Henry Chinaski was based on Bukowski himself. Chinaski and Bukowski both enjoyed a tall beer, specifically boilermakers.

Ernest Hemingway

Like many authors, the Nobel Prize winner and renowned writer of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “The Old Man and the Sea” liked to imbibe an assortment of spirits and mixed drinks. He’s most famous for his love of the mojito. The tropical, minty, rum-driven drink was his cocktail of choice during his time living in Key West, Florida. It was there that that he wrote his 1937 novel “To Have and Have Not”.

Other notable famous drinks associated with famous people include: Ciroc (P-Diddy), Scotch (Humphrey Bogart), Old Fashioned (George Lucas), Bud Light (Barack Obama), Armand de Brignac/Cristal (Jay-Z), White Russian (Jeffrey Lebowski), Madeira (Ben Franklin), Gin Rickey (F. Scott Fitzgerald), Absinthe (Pablo Picaso), Maestro Dobel Tequila (Perry Farrell).

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