Cider Guys: Brickworks Ciderhouse


Toronto’s newest craft cider company, Brickworks Ciderhouse, is doing their best to bring a special kind of taste to the people of Toronto.

Formed by childhood buds Chris Noll and Adam Gerrits in 2013, the two cider lovers left the relative ease of their previous careers to try their hand at making cider; a passion the two have shared since college. Since then, Brickworks has been making a name for itself in the city, gaining popularity in leaps and bounds. The Toronto based company, the only cider company in the city, uses apples only found within a 300km radius of the city, and look to the city’s history with cider as their inspiration. Since their inception, they have become the fastest growing craft cider companies featured in the LCBO, as well as getting a feature in the coveted LCBO Christmas catalogue. The fast success hasn’t gone to their heads, as they still keep a small, close-knit workforce of friends and friends of friends, who really love the product they sell.

Beyond all the hype, the proof really is in the pudding. Brickworks is definitely the tastiest cider I’ve had since moving to Ontario from the east coast, and with the simplest ingredients, just apples as the label will tell you, it goes down smooth with almost no aftertaste, an excellent combination.

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