Giftagram: Get Gifted


If we can be honest, shopping for gifts pretty much sucks. Finding the perfect gift can crush the soul of even the mightiest weekend warrior. Even if you know what you want to gift someone, malls can be a man’s worst nightmare with annoying sales associates and mile-long lineups.

Giftagram, a new mobile app aims to bring gift giving into the 21st century, and save everyone a lot of hassle. Basically, you download the app, choose a gift and a friend to send it to. You don’t have to input their mailing info or anything, just an email or phone number, and the app does all the rest.

On top of the ease of the app, Giftagram has partnered with a lot of very cool companies, such as the Drake General Store, to give you access to some of the coolest products around. From cooking supplies, to winter wear, and even toys, Giftagram’s selection is definitely top notch. Giftagram also caters to both men and women, so it’s good for the gentleman gifter, as well as the gentleman in your life.

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