Haunted Halloween Cocktails From Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark, the iconic bourbon from Loretto, Kentucky, brings us a list of some unique Halloween themed cocktails. The third generation distillery brings us a spooky take on their classic whiskey.

They were designed by bartenders John Henderson and April Wachtel.  Henderson, a Boston native, has degrees in Biology and Art. A finalist in Diageo World Class US 2013, Henderson uses both to craft interesting and delicious drinks at Boston’s Tavern Road. Wachtel trains future mixologists during cocktail classes at New York City’s Astor Center. She also works for Solbeso as director of Trade Advocacy and designs cocktails and creates cocktail menus for myriad magazines and restaurants.

Morphing Potion #9

Created by John Henderson

The addition of cola cubes slowly morph this Old Fashioned into a Maker’s & Coke….

  • 2 parts Maker’s Mark Bourbon
  • ¼ part Cherry Heering
  • 1 dash Chocolate Mole Bitters
  • 1 2×2 cola cube*
  • ¾ part soda water
  • Orange swath

Place one cola cube into a short rocks glass; add Maker’s Mark, bitters, and soda water. Drizzle Cheery Herring over the top of the ice cube (which will slowly sink to the bottom of the cocktail for bloody effect!); stir briefly to incorporate and place an orange swath over the surface of the drink.

*Cola cube: Freeze Mexican Coca-Cola overnight in a 2×2 ice cube tray

Haunted Hacienda

Created by John Henderson

The Campari skull cube transforms this Pisco Portón riff on a Manhattan into a pisco Negroni in no time!

  • 1 ½ parts Pisco Portón
  • ¾ part sweet vermouth
  • 1 dash Angostura bitters
  • 1 Campari ice cube*

 In a short rocks glass, combine Pisco Portón, sweet vermouth and dash of Angostura bitters. Place the Campari ice cube in glass and if desired, garnish with a SMALL pinch of pink salt. As the salt hits the cube, it will spur the Campari cube to melt

 *Campari ice cube: Overnight, freeze a mixture of Campari and water, at a ratio close to 50:50

Bonus: Pisco Portón is produced at the oldest distillery in the Americas, Hacienda la Caravedo, which celebrates its 330th anniversary this October !

Cacao Corpse Reviver Numero Dos

Created by April Wachtel

A modified sidecar becomes a new take on a Corpse Reviver no. 2 when topped with a vermouth/ absinthe foam!

  • ¾ part Solbeso
  • ¾ part Cointreau
  • ¾ part fresh lemon juice
  • Cocchi Americano and Absinthe Foam*

Build all ingredients except foam in a mixing tin. Add ice, shake and strain into a cocktail glass; garnish with ample topping of Cocchi/Absinthe foam

 **Cocchi Americano/ Absinthe Foam

  • iSi cream whipper (whipped cream canister)
  • 1 cream charger (use 2 if you want more bubbles)
  • 1 gelatin sheet
  • 4 oz. Cocchi Americano
  • ½ oz. absinthe (or several droplets for visual effect)