Reclaim Your Gadget Power with Recharging Options

When evaluating any smartphone, tablet, smart watch or anything else that bings, beeps, calls or answers, battery life is always a key element. Once that battery icon becomes a chalk outline, the most advanced little pack of technology becomes a lump of useless plastic.

To that end, tech companies from around the world drain the batteries on their own smart devices day and night to design a range of batteries and charging units to fit every device and any power necessity. We’ve put together a quick collection of some of the newer arrivals in this gadget juicing category in a variety of price ranges. A quick perusal of the items below should serve up enough options  to make sure you’re never staring at a dumb dark screen on what was once a smart device ever again.

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Puku Charger: The Puku (top) will fully charge most USB-powered devices (iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nexus, Moto, LG, iPads, iPods, Samsung Notes, GoPro, etc.) three to five times before the charger itself needs to be re-energized. The colorful device switches itself off once charging is complete and acts as a surge protector until your smart device is unplugged.

MSRP: $99

Justin Power Products: From Innovative Technology, the Justin line includes a variety of charging options of varying sizes and abilities — including Power Sticks, Power Banks, device charging protective cases and novelty chargers. No matter the Justin device providing the power, the concept behind the product line is to make certain your smart device always has power — from first use of the day, throughout any activity, no matter where you go.

MSRP: Varies

Juno Blue HUE Pro: This Juno Power entry includes a dual USB connectors, a digital readout for tracking overall available power and charging time and a flashlight because…I don’t know why there’s a flashlight on it, but what the hell. Throw one in there.

MSRP: $59.99

JBL Charge 2: This JBL product is first and foremost a top shelf, portable Bluetooth speaker. But, its designers packed in a backup battery pack that will charge a smart device while it’s playing your tunes. The Charge 2 also includes a microphone and speakerphone function to take calls — making it the most multi-function device on this list.

MSRP: $149

Cobra JumPack: Every item on this list will recharge your smartphone or tablet, but only this JumPack from Cobra has enough directed power to jump start your car. It’s an idea gadget for the car as it will keep your phone running while providing insurance against winter and a potential dead battery. It throws in a flashlight to help you find the right battery leads if your car taps out in the dark.