A Gadgets Gift Guide That Defies Categories


When I present a gift guide, it’s always based on some sort of theme or organizing principle timed to fit an event or a season. In the past several months, you could find gadgets on these virtual pages perfect to inspire gift giving around Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduations, Back to School and even sporting events like the return of football and the Ryder Cup.

The problem is there are unavoidably interesting gadgets that could appeal to any number of lucky recipients that fail to fit into a neat, timely category. Still, I find myself wanting to recommend them just to imagine the reaction of the “giftee.” 

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I decided to do a gift guide for those gadgets unique enough to resist an easy category. We’re not talking Island of Misfit Toys, “Whoever heard of a Charlie in the Box?” type bizarro material here. These are legitimate, useful and fully functional gadgets that stray outside the norms of Bluetooth speakers, iPhone cases, backup chargers or any other classification.

So, here we go with your Anti-Cartegory Gift Guide. If it’s received well, I could see us doing this again. It could really open up the gadget pool we present around here.