Milk Crate Kitchen Heats Up Oxford Art Factory


The Milk Crate Kitchen is coming to the Oxford Art Factory this September. Every weekend, The Cube at the OAF will be taken over by two fearless, young cooks, a colour wheel, and a kitchen built entirely out of milk crates, complete with running water and cold storage.

Each week, the MCK cooks, both named Reg, will spin the wheel and prepare, cook, create, and perform dishes based on primary colours and subsequent secondary and complementary colours. The dishes will then be shared for consumption with the patrons of the OAF.

The preparation of each night’s colourful, imaginative and bold cuisine will be on full display for attendees. Those dining will be able to see each triumph and fuck-up, as Reg and Reg perform their way through the night’s menu.

The idea of the Milk Crate Kitchen was conceived by the two Regs after many drinks and frustration with being kept within the confines of a typical kitchen. The boys decided it was time to get outside of the box and into the crate, first taking to the streets of Sydney with their guerrilla kitchen.

“When we started our audience comprised only of passers by that stopped for the spectacle, then stayed once they tasted the food. Now we have return customers; people come and wait for the food to be ready, knowing that 7.30 Thursday night they can get a dinner and a show for only a donation,” says Reg.

“It’s become a place for open communication. Like a dinner table for the people, giving them a place to talk, listen or share. There is something levelling about sharing a meal with someone. I think we’ve proven that the strangers you pass on the street are just people you haven’t had dinner with yet,” says the other Reg.

Now the boys will be bringing the MCK ethos — 1. Always push the boundaries, 2. Food by donation, 3. No junkies — to Sydney’s beloved Oxford Art Factory every Friday and Saturday night this September. Head to their Facebook page or the OAF website for more details.