Wait, What? Blackberry Stock is Up 50%


If you're of the belief that Blackberry is continuing its downward spiral into irrelevancy, then you may be surprised to hear that the company's stocks have risen by a huge 50% this year, beating the likes of Apple and Google. 

At the beginning of this year its stocks were evaluated at $7.44 a share, but yesterday it was revealed that they had increased to $11.21, marking a 50% increase. Meanwhile, Apple's stocks have increased by 20% in the same time period, with Google's stocks rising by a lowly 5%. So how has this happened?

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As noted by TechCrunch, Blackberry hasn't made many risks that would warrant its stocks plummeting this year, therefore ensuring that they have remained steady. Outside of this, they've also been working hard to build upon and promote their Messenger app. However, despite their high stocks Blackberry is still struggling to compete in a mobile market that's dominated by iOS and Android. While they've announced that they're developing a new flagship smartphone to claw back consumers, they're going to have to pull off a HTC One-esque success story if they are to do so.