More Android Users are Switching to Apple Than Ever Before

Image Credit: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Apple is celebrating another milestone in the company’s history, as during a call with investors for its Q4 2015 earnings report yesterday, CEO Tim Cook revealed that more people switched from an Android to an Apple smartphone during the last fiscal quarter than in any other time period in the company’s history.

Cook stated that a record-breaking 30% of new iPhone buyers had made the jump from their rival’s devices, noting how 48 million iPhone units were sold during that period, meaning that around 14.4 million buyers of the device had previously owned an Android smartphone. Cook said that this indicated that iPhone sales would continue to grow in Q1 2016, with the recent release of the iPhone 6s increasing their earnings.


While the Google-owned Android continues to dominate the world smartphone market, accounting for 80% of total sales, Apple it continuing to expand in regions that it previously struggled to gain a foothold on. With a reported 22% increase in iPhone sales last year, Cook claimed that China’s expanding market had greatly contributed to their inflated sales, reporting a 99% increase in sales in the region.

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Though Android may have a larger user base worldwide, they also have many more smartphones on the market. Apple’s continued growth despite its sole reliance upon its iPhone is incredibly impressive, and the record-breaking sales of the iPhone 6s – 13 million units were sold during the first three days that the device went on sale – despite it being an incremental upgrade to their flagship smartphone is indicative of how the tech company can currently do no wrong when it comes to its hardware sales.

Apple’s growth has now led to the company achieving an all-time annual profit record, earning more than $53 billion over the course of the past year.