Blackberry is Working on a New Flagship Smartphone, But Does Anyone Care?


Blackberry is developing a new handset that it believes will be its new flagship smartphone, but as the hardware manufacturer has now fallen from grace with consumers, it's debatable whether it'll be able pull itself back from the brink of irrelevancy. 

Speaking at the Indonesian launch of the Blackberry Z3, Blackberry CEO John Chen said that the new device is "flagship material," though aside from this quote nothing is known of the as-yet-unannounced smartphone. 

It's likely that this upcoming device will be the rumored Blackberry Q30, which reportedly features a unique, simplified QWERTY keyboard and a larger screen, as is the ongoing trend in the smartphone world. It's uncertain whether Blackberry will be able to ever go back to its days of standing toe-to-toe with Apple, but the release of a new high-end smartphone would certainly help its cause.

Chen also stated that the company will not be following suit with Apple and moving into wearable technology development, insisting that it was maintaining its focus on smartphones for the foreseeable future.