iPhone 8 Leak Reveals Apple’s New Direction For the Smartphone

A rumored iPhone 8 leak has seemingly revealed a number of new details regarding the upcoming Apple smartphone, confirming some long-standing speculating pertaining to the device while letting us in on a few new pieces of secret information, too.

The internal schematics of the iPhone 8 have reportedly been leaked over on Slash Leaks, and claim to shed some light on the direction Apple is taking their next flagship. Take a look below:


Image Credit: Slash Leaks

For starters, the phone’s dual camera is depicted as vertical rather than horizontal, confirming previous rumors that have been circulating online. The top sensors feature the True Tone flash and 3D camera group on the left of the speaker, while the facial recognition camera and an infrared sensor are positioned on the right side of the speaker. A number of new additions have also been made to the bottom of the phone, including a Taptic Engine and 3D Touch, while the long-standing home button appears to have been removed for the first time in the iPhone’s history.

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The schematics also suggest that Apple will be following in the footsteps of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone line, with a wireless charging module having also been added to the device. Despite complaints following its omission in the iPhone 7, the traditional charging port has once again been dropped in favor of a lone Lightning port.

Of course, it’s not been confirmed whether or not these schematics are official, but Slash Leaks are a trusted source so this could well be our first look at what Apple is planning for its next flagship. With the tech giant having been accused of running out of ideas with its last smartphone launch, and with Samsung steamrolling ahead of their competitors in terms of quality with the successful Galaxy S8, Apple really needs to pull something out of the bag this time around. These schematics suggest that the company is thinking ahead and making some major changes this time around.

Featured Image Credit: ZoneofTech / YouTube