Enjoy a Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale Seasoned Cigar

cigarSummer is wedding season, and that means round after round of drinks and cigars toasting buddies who will be saying goodbye to their single life, and hello to weekends spent at Costco, endless 2:00 am diaper changes and trading the Hemi for a mini van.

That kind of devotion deserves something special. So Samuel Adams Boston Brewery teamed up with Ted’s Cigars to create a cigar worthy of the moment—The Brewlywed Ale Seasoned Cigar.

In mid-June, beer lovers celebrated a one-day-only event at the Boston Brewery: the limited release of Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale, a Belgian-style “Bride Ale” brewed in the centuries old tradition of crafting special beers just for weddings. And the guys at Sam Adams weren’t kidding when they said “limited release”—you can’t get the Brewlywed Ale anymore—because like some celebrity marriages, it was only for a very short time. But the ale lives on in the cigars.

So whether you’re the groom, or a best man looking for something special to help the betrothed relax before his impending nuptials, the Brewlywed Cigar is the perfect accompaniment to whatever you're drinking—whether it’s a Bride Ale, a nicely aged Scotch, or a snifter of cognac. (Side note: While we now traditionally toast with champagne at weddings—probably due to the rise of snooty wedding planners and social climbing Bridezillas—weddings used to be associated with ale. In fact, the medieval word “ale” is actually rooted in the word “bridal,” referring to a festive occasion where much ale is drunk in celebration. So stick that in your champagne flute.)

Seasoning the cigars with the Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale gives the stogie a distinct flavor, with Australian hops bringing subtle spice and just a touch of floral sweetness to take the edge off, while the Belgian yeast hits it with hints of clove and honeysuckle. There was never a better cigar for enjoying alongside your final beer of freedom.

The Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale Cigar will be available throughout the summer—and only while supplies last—in single, 3-pack, 10-box and 25-box, to handle however many guys are in on the celebration. Or are needed to drag the groom down the aisle.

MSRP: $11 each. $30 — 3-pack. $95 — 10-box. $225 — 25-box.