Close up shot of a supreme pizza and beer

Celebrate National Pizza Day With These Beers Paired Perfectly With Classic Toppings

Photo: steele2123 (Getty Images)

While we don’t need an excuse to eat pizza, we’re still pretty stoked to see that February 9 is National Pizza Day. And, if we love anything more than cheesy, crispy, pepperoni-covered pizza, it’s beer. That’s why this year, instead of just writing about our favorite pizza toppings, we decided to pair them with complimentary beers.

But how exactly do you do that? Well, there are three ideas when pairing beer and foods. Either you select a beer that compliments or adds to the flavors, you pick one that amps up the bold flavors even more, or one that tempers potentially spicy or over-the-top flavors. Keep scrolling to see all of our beer and flavor combinations and prepare yourself for the greatest National Pizza Day of all time.


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