Mandatory Hacks: Your Weekly TikTok Tip to Improve Your Mildly Pathetic Life

You know how they say, when you look good, you feel good. Well, that should be one of the best reasons to learn how to edit your iPhone photos so that it looks like a pro did it. Thankfully, the TikTok powers that be have got you covered. Because on TikTok you can stay learnin’ stuff forever, and if you’re gonna learn something, it might as well benefit how you look.

Thankfully, Tiktok user @biancasamone broke down this photo editing hack so that we can start making our images pop ASAP. And it all starts with the editing tools on your iPhone. Click Edit. Then choose Adjust, this button looks like a little clock. Skip where it says Auto. Auto has never made anything look good anywhere. Then you’re going to choose the following settings for your image.

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Photo Editing Cheat Sheet

Exposure: 100

Brilliance: 100

Highlights: -32

Shadows: -32

Contrast: -30

Brightness: -15

Black Point: -10

Saturation: -10

Vibrance: -8

Warmth: -10

Tint: -40

Sharpness: -15

Definition: -23

Once you have this done, go back and change the Exposure to 0. The result will be a photo that looks like you used photoshop like a pro. But who needs photoshop when you have a 30-second TikTok hack that’ll have your photos looking professionally edited.

Image: @biancasamone  (TikTok)



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