Valentine's Day
Cheerful young woman receiving a gift from her boyfriend.

The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For the Gifts She Wants (As Opposed to the Gifts You Think She Wants)

It’s that time of year again: Valentine’s Day, also known as the most important gift-giving holiday in a couple’s relationship. And this year, the pressure is really on because most of the traditional Valentine’s Day “experiences,” like dinner at a fancy restaurant, a moonlit carriage ride for two through town, or any other romantic outing, are canceled thanks to coronavirus.

There are two kinds of Valentine’s Day gifts: those she wants and those you think she wants. We’re going to save your sorry ass and help you find the former – most of them on Amazon, no less. (We really couldn’t have made it easier on you.) Every gift on this list is guaranteed to impress without breaking the bank. All you have to do is click – but make sure you get fast shipping so your gift arrives in time. (V-Day is Sunday, Feb. 14, nubes.)

Shop away and don’t forget a heartfelt, handwritten card to go along with your gift. (And no, we won’t give you a script. You’re on your own for that one.)

Cover Photo: DjelicS (Getty Images)

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