RANKED! The 12 Best Motivational Books of All Time

With the country sort of locked down, maintaining a motivational mindset ain’t easy. Finding your inner peace never really is though. Of course, it’s even harder with larping dadbods battling in the streets. Luckily, there’s an industry dedicated to making you healthier, happier and more efficient. Motivational books can be pretty hokey, but they can assist you in maintaining focus. While everyone is losing their heads, it’s even more important to keep yours screwed on tight.

Given that there are thousands of titles to choose from, how do you pick? Some authors are little more than smiling scam artists. Others are well-meaning but clueless. However, some are just what the doctor ordered. Maybe you need some straight talk and a swift kick in the pants to get your life together. Or, possibly you need to rethink your problems until you can see them as opportunities. Whatever your flavor, there’s a literary scoop of ego ice cream that’s right for you. We’ve ranked the 12 best motivational books of all time that can help you help yourself.

Cover Photo: Hill Street Studios (Getty Images)

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