CBD Goes Pro: 7 Cannabis Products Leading the Charge Into the Big Leagues

Remember when weed was frowned upon? Considered a vice upon which only long-haired freaks, wasters, and musicians slung their bodies in red-eyed repose? Well, not anymore. As the truth comes out about pot (everyone smokes it), and the medicinal benefits of the ancient flower are revealed in stunning clarity, cannabis is stepping into the big leagues. But even as it enjoys newfound glory in the spotlight, there’s still a major stigma ruining its rep in the workplace (for now). While many people continue to think of cannabis as a tambourine-man time-suck, recent evidence suggests certain dosages of CBD can actually enhance wellness and focus. Change the conversation in the workplace with these seven amazing weed products that are taking unrepentant professionalism to new heights.

Photo: via The Suburban

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