9 Weird Things You Pretend to Like In Order to Get Laid

When you’re in love or at least in lust, you’re more willing to compromise to keep your partner’s interest. That’s a nice way of saying: you’ll pretend to give a fuck to get laid. But the things you’re willing to care about when it comes to women can be fleeting. Sure, you’ll try to remember their friends and which coffee shops they prefer to get their pumpkin spice latte from, but do you really want to let that stuff take up space in your head? Of course not. No one does, which is why we compiled this list to remind you what you’re pretending to care about before you actually find yourself caring.

Photo: ElenaNichizhenova (Getty Images)

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Are you living that double life of pretending to give a shit about your girlfriend’s interests? Which is the most annoying to feign interest in?  Dig deep and let us know in the comments! 

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