Bartender Spring Cocktails

Bartender Approved: 10 Fresh Cocktails To Get You Psyched About Spring

Photo: oneinchpunch (Getty Images)

Spring has finally arrived, and thank goodness for that or we might have drunk until our livers screamed “Uncle!” Now that the temperature is above kill-me-now degrees and we’re no longer vying for parking dibs like we’re in Game of Thrones, our tastes are moving towards lighter spirits and fresher, seasonal ingredients. And we’re OK with that. We’ve had our fill of Scotch, bourbon, cognac, and rye-based cocktails this winter and we’re ready for some spring cocktails.

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As the calendar flips, the days elongate, and women’s clothes get skimpier, bartenders update their cocktail menus. We asked some of our favorite bartenders what they’ll be mixing up to calm our spring fever. You can check out all of their answers below.

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