Going for the clean break.

7 Steps to Using A Dishwasher That Will Make Your Girlfriend Leave You

Photo: UpperCut Images (Getty Images)

Domestic bliss can be a fragile mistress. Whether it’s a case of mismatched lifestyles, financial stress, or household chore disputes, having a live-in girlfriend can be a woeful experience for many. Avoid these hard-to-navigate pitfalls by un-following our step-by-step guide to using a dishwasher in a way that will cause your girlfriend to leave you.

Alternately, if you’re ready to spread your wings once again into the warm, cloudless skies of bachelorhood, follow these fail-proof instructions to drive away your missus so fast you’ll be ordering a large pizza-for-one and watching reruns of Cheers in no time. Either way, you’re welcome.

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