Make Her Swoon With These Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Photo: martin-dm (Getty Images)

It honestly doesn’t matter whether Valentine’s Day is a time for cheesy, hand-holding love or a day to drown your sorrows because you’re single for another year. Either way, you’re going to need booze to get through it. Champagne is an obvious choice. It’s elegant, luxurious, and you’ll get major points from that special someone if you decided to spend more than $15 dollars on a bottle. But, while champagne is well and good, if you really want to show your significant other how much they mean to you or you want to impress a potential mate, you’ll mix up a delicious cocktail.

You can go basic and mix up some rum and cokes or a good gin & tonic. But, if you really want to step it up this year, you’ll make one of these classy, sexy, delicious cocktails from some of our favorite bartenders.

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