LongHorn Steakhouse Just Launched Its Own Bourbon

Photo: LongHorn Steakhouse 

You probably know LongHorn Steakhouse as the casual meat-centric chain with almost 500 locations. No matter where you live, the odds are there’s a LongHorn with its cuts of beef, ribs, seafood, and other favorites within driving distance. The chain is extremely popular and has been around since the early ’80s. A LongHorn’s server might tell you that bourbon pairs extremely well with steak, but the chain has never had its own house bourbon. That is, until now.

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On Oct. 8, the steakhouse chain launched LongHorn Single Barrel Bourbon. Since the restaurant knows an awful lot more about cuts of quality meat than it does about whiskey, it looked to one of the most well-known brands to do the heavy lifting.

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That partner is famed Knob Creek. This single barrel straight bourbon whiskey was hand-selected and bottled for LongHorn. Currently available in all restaurants nationwide, the bourbon was picked because of its “bold, smoky flavor profile,” according to a press release. It was bottled to complement steak, ribs, and all the tasty sides (can you say creamed spinach?).

Photo: LongHorn Steakhouse

If we know anything about a Knob Creek offering, this bourbon will be worth trying. According to the company, the whiskey is complex, sweet, and subtly smoky and was cask-aged for a minimum of nine years. You can order it in a cocktail like an Old Fashioned, but we believe it should be sipped neat accompanied by your favorite grilled cut of beef just like Ron Swanson would do (even though he likes Scotch, but who cares).