Lenovo USS Enterprise Gaming PC

Future Tech: Lenovo’s Star Trek Enterprise Is The Coolest Gaming PC You’ll See This Year

Photo: via Digital Trends

What you see above isn’t just some big, plastic model of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. It’s actually a gaming PC (and a very capable one at that).

Called the Titanium Enterprise NCC-1701A, this new pre-built gaming PC by Lenovo is built to resemble the 23rd-century Federation starship, with LED lights that make it look like it’s about to enter warp speed, and a base that’s shaped like the official Star Trek logo.

star trek

The lights around the perimeter of the main bridge circulate with blue lighting that matches the deflector disk (where the power button is located) toward the bottom of the starship, an authentic detail taken directly from the TV series. USB ports can even be found peppered around the base of the unit.

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This PC isn’t just for show, either. Lenovo is manufacturing thousands of them, and while it might cost over $2100, the specs are right in line with its hefty price tag. Inside is the brand new GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card, a card that will be one of the first to support ray tracing, a rendering technique that will define the next generation of graphics. Supporting it is an overclocked ninth-generation Intel processor, a 1 TB solid state drive, and 32 GB of DDR4 memory.

Lenovo debuted this Star Trek PC at Beijing Tech World Conference last week to fanfare, earning attention from tech publications across Asia, and also the most viewed YouTube video from the show (seen above).

There’s just one catch: Lenovo is currently only planning to sell the PC in China. We’ve seen this move in the past, though, and rest assured that if Western tech enthusiasts express interest, it’ll fly overseas in no time at all.

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