Tinder U

Tinder Debuts College-Only App to Help Students Find ‘Study’ Buddies

Photo: Viktoriia Leontieva / EyeEm (Getty)

What’s a cramming college kid in need of a “study buddy” to do? Download Tinder’s new college-only app, Tinder U, of course. Here you’ll study anatomy and perform the lab all at once.

The cutting edge (and corners) dating app company unveiled earlier this week it was getting exclusive with campus-based students, which obviously the Internet had a ball with, and focusing on academics. Can’t wait to see the report cards that come out of this!

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Tinder U

Tinder U is designed to work exactly like the original Tinder app, only it’ll be available solely to college students at four-year, accredited, not-for-profit universities, the firm announced in a blog post. And while it will operate in the same fashion, Tinder U was given a slight graphical overhaul, so things might look a little different when you’re swiping left or right (and perhaps dick pics will be three-dimensional).

For those opting to use Tinder U, you won’t have much trouble switching back to the standard version of the Tinder app, as its parent company Match Group, Inc. says flipping between the two will be as simple as toggling an option on or off. Thank goodness for us Tinder elders over the age of 25.

“Tinder U is a new feature that makes it easier to connect with other students around you – putting their profiles first as you swipe,” the firm said. “This is your ticket to the coolest crowd on campus.”

Or perhaps the fastest ride to HPV.

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To access the app for the first time, you’ll need both a .edu e-mail address and be geolocated on campus, which the company says is a built-in safety feature. What could possibly go wrong? Once logged in, you’ll see other users from your campus who are also looking to, uh, “study.” You’ll also have the ability to access students at other local campuses around your area, all of whom will have their school logo easily viewable on their profile.

So you’re going to study with kids from other schools taking different classes? Makes sense.

Next up, stay tuned for Tinder E, elderly dating for app-holes who quit caring about STDs back when Slick Willie was in the White House, exclusive to local nursing homes.