Feel Good Friday: Lucky Box’s Picks Of The Week

Even if you don’t happen to live somewhere where cannabis is legal (yet), Lucky Box Club can keep you up to date on the industry’s innovations, the culture’s current favorites, and the unique products you probably didn’t even know existed. Lucky Box Club co-founder Eliza Maroney (alongside husband Luke Maroney) is here to give you some weekend inspiration…or at least aspiration. To sign up for their “Fire Friday” newsletter, head over to Lucky Box Club


Different stuff for different puffs. We all have different needs and even those can vary from day to day! We try to keep a plethora of products around to help us along with our day, whether we need a boost of focus or a moment to chill.

What We’re Smoking From…

Ventura Pineapple from Lowell Herb Co.

Lowell Farms has done it again! We gave their Ventura Pineapple strain a go and loved the wakeful, but calm head high. A little different from the typical sativa hybrid, Ventura Pineapple has a whopping 21% THC, and is great for some creative inspiration and a general mood boost.

What We’re Vaping…

Legion of Bloom Raw-Zen Gorilla Glue Rosin

Being the fans of Legion of Bloom that we are, we are consistently blown away by their Raw-Zen! This Gorilla Glue #4 extract is an excellent choice for dabbers who want to feel relaxed and cheerful without becoming too sleepy.

What We’re Eating…

Pure Vape Syringes

Pure Vape’s innovative extract syringes can be smoked, dabbed AND eaten, so just choose your favorite dish and squeeze a bit of your preferred syringe onto it…voilá! For a post-meal treat, make a cup of hot cocoa, add a dash of nutmeg, and a squeeze of Pure Vape’s indica Strawberry Cough extract to bring on a tranquil euphoria.

What We’re Using…


We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again- Cannaderm is incredible! From achy muscles to inflamed skin, this all natural, luscious body butter does so much to alleviate the body’s sore spots. Seriously- everyone in the office uses this stuff!