Feel Good Friday: Lucky Box’s Picks Of The Week

Even if you don’t happen to live somewhere where cannabis is legal (yet), Lucky Box Club can keep you up to date on the industry’s innovations, the culture’s current favorites, and the unique products you probably didn’t even know existed. Lucky Box Club co-founder Eliza Maroney (alongside husband Luke Maroney) is here to give you some weekend inspiration…or at least aspiration. To sign up for their “Fire Friday” newsletter, head over to Lucky Box Club


Summer is finally here and we know how fun it can be – especially with the help of some cannabis! This week we present just a few of the amazing products to boost your summer vibes.

Check out our haul below…


What We’re Smoking…

Sockeye Stix

The Sockeye Stix are here!!! Available at the finest legal medical dispensaries in California #prerolls #cannabis #extracts #420 #teamwork #stoned #superjoint

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These robust pre-rolls are an infusion of award-winning Crockett Family Farm – genetic flowers and concentrates. Their slow burn, size, and potency make these ideal for a smoke sesh with your best buds!


What We’re Dabbing…

Just Herb Sour Patch Kids Caviar

A long-term member of the LBC Alliance, Just Herb is an incredible organic cannabis brand that sources exclusively from California heritage farmers! Their Sour Patch Kids “caviar” extract is not only stunning to behold, but also smells divine and has a distinctively tart flavor.


What We’re Eating…

Pure Vape Strawberry Cough Hybrid Syringe

Eat it, squeeze it, dab it, smoke it…Pure Vape’s innovative new pesticide and solvent-free concentrate syringes do it all! We get the munchies pretty often around LBC HQ (duh!), but we particularly prefer munchies of the medicated kind! So we created a dank stoner snack by spreading a squeeze of the hybrid Strawberry Cough concentrate onto a warm English muffin covered in peanut butter & strawberry preserves…yum!


What We’re Watching…

LBC at Emerald Exchange

After our first event of the year, we had to do some reminiscing – it’s been AGES since last year’s Emerald Exchange and we are so excited to go back! It was truly one of the most magical events we’ve participated in! Check out our “throwback” video that features LBC co-founder, Eliza Maroney, and her thoughts on the ethereal experience of the 2017 Emerald Exchange.