Study Suggests Men With High Testosterone Are Less Religious

Men reading the Holy Bible. Photo: Arrangements-Photography (Getty)

Perhaps Dogma hit it right on the head when they made God a woman. That, or the whole “meek shall inherit the Earth” stuff.

According to Mirror, researchers at Canada’s McGill University found men with high testosterone levels are less likely to be religious.

“Religion influences a range of cultural and political patterns at the population level,” lead researcher Dr. Aniruddha Das said. “Results from the current study indicate the latter may also have hormonal roots. There is therefore a need for conceptual models that can accommodate the dynamic interplay of psychosocial and neuroendocrine factors in shaping a person’s life cycle.”

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Dr. Das and his team asked over 1,000 men between the ages of 57 and 85 to complete a questionnaire.  It asked “how often they attended religious services and whether they had a clergy member in their core social network.” Then, they compared answers with each test subject’s weight, height, saliva and blood samples to determine high testosterone leads not only to more fights outside of O’Malley’s Pub at bar time, but also less time in church the next morning asking for forgiveness.

Dr. Das said there is still more work to be done in terms of finding out why this is the case. Our advice for him is to hit up every East Coast frat house if he’s in need of thousands more men with high testosterone to be test subjects. Of course, they’ll be just a tad younger than that 57 to 85 age range, but hey, he’ll have enough raging hormones on his hands to keep researchers busy for the next 12 years. Good luck with all that, buddy.