A Company In England Is Making Beer Out Of People’s Food Waste

Piece Of Bread Thrown On Road. Photo: Mohamed Salah Azzouzi / EyeEm (Getty)

By comparison, food waste booze still sounds a hell of a lot tastier than brewskis made from human piss.

According to Public Radio International, a craft beer company in England brews commercial beers using wasted food such as the “heels of bread normally discarded by a catering company that makes sandwiches.” Once the company begins making a profit, they’re going to donate the proceeds to a charity called Feedback that fights against food waste.

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Close-Up Of Bread And Butter With Beer On Table. Photo: Susan Colby / EyeEm (Getty)

Pretty much the greatest company of all time, right? They’re called Toast Ale, and to say they’re doing their part to make this planet a better place would be a bigger understatement than saying you’d like to hold Kate Upton’s hand.

“In the UK, 44 percent of all bread is wasted,” said chief brand and finance officer Louisa Ziane. “So we take surplus bread from bakeries and sandwich makers, and we replace a third of the barley that would otherwise have been used to brew, upcycling bread that would have otherwise been wasted. Beer is a really fun medium to engage people on what is globally a very important problem.”

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One London bakery, the Flour Station, recently estimated that one to two percent of the bread they bake goes to waste thanks to mixups or customers canceling their orders. Now they’re teaming up with Toast Ale for events at pubs like the Temple Brew House to help the cause.

Even better than turning wasted bread into beer, Toast Ale “exhausts the options to get bread to people who would eat it before agreeing to turn it into beer.” In that respect, their saving food and lives, and surely their contributions won’t go unappreciated.

“There is so much bread being wasted that we don’t need to take it away from people who could eat it, and our priority is to get it to people,” Ziane says.

Great stuff. It’s awesome to see there are still people on the planet who care more about helping people than making a buck at their expense.