Don’t Let Doing Handstands On The Edge Of A High Rise Become A ‘Challenge’

Photo: Image Source (Getty Images)

Look, I know that young people are out and about eating Tide Pods and snorting condoms for some ungodly reason. But those two things pale in comparison to doing a handstand off the edge of a high rise building. Oh, and then hanging off of it for good measure.

The video below was was taken in Tangier, Morocco who has decided that his hobby isn’t collecting stamps or collecting rocks and naming them. No, his hobby is putting his life on the line. This is how this daredevil described his latest stunt on YouTube:

“I just wake up morning and I do what other people see as impossible and shocking. I did a handstand on skyscraper without any safety equipment.”

Well, see for yourself:

I think I speak for everyone when I say this: Why?

This man wasn’t so lucky: Rooftop Climber Falls From 62-Story Building (Graphic Video)

No word yet as to who exactly this guy is or why he’s decided to hang off super tall buildings, but we do know one thing: no point in wearing a helmet because there is certainly not a lot to protect, friends.

So what do you think? Would you attempt anything like this at all? Or do you prefer staying on the ground where life is risky enough?

And now let’s look at other people who don’t care about life:

And this one:

And finally, this one: