Can Someone Explain To Me Why These Idiots Are Hanging Off The Side Of A Building?

Screenshot: YouTube

You would think that seeing a rooftop climber fall to his death would be enough to discourage people from attempting super risky feats simply to get a few minutes of fame. But nope, that is not the case at all as people are still reminding everyone that there aren’t a lot of bright folks out there.

All that we know from the video below is that it takes place in Rabat, Morocco, and shows a bunch of dudes hanging off the side of buildings and tempting death. Here’s the description on YouTube

“Today I decide to challenge the fear and playing with death and doing the craziest thing ever at the top of the roof without any safety”

Now check out the video below:

Why? Again, I repeat, why?

Sure, these folks may have been lucky that day, but sooner or later they won’t be and then there will be an unnecessary death. And I know you folks don’t like taking my advice, but if you’re bored please don’t go hanging off a building. Oh, and don’t go eating a Tide Pod either.

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