Another Person Seriously Drove Through The DMV Building During Their Driving Test

Photo: CHRISsadowsk (Getty Images)

Can someone tell me what has been going on lately with driving tests? It seems like people just can’t keep from driving through the DMV while on their driving test, thus making it an easy decision for their driving instructor.

According to UPI, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles office got quite the surprise when a 46-year-old permit holder in the middle of her driving test accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake while backing into a parking spot. And well, this occurred.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this lady failed her test big time. Also, while I commend that at 46-years-old someone wants to finally get their driver’s license, perhaps sometimes it’s just not meant to be for some folks.

Somehow this is worse: Teen Fails Driving Test Because He Can’t Figure Out How To Put On A Seatbelt

Now while the failed driver and her driving instructor weren’t injured, two people inside the building did suffer minor injuries, making their DMV visit even worse than usual.

The unidentified student driver was issued an infraction for unsafe backing.

But why are these things happening aside from people being terrible drivers? Here are some possible explanations:

  1. They believe life is like Grand Theft Auto.
  2. They are aware that self-driving may soon take over so that puts the pressure on them.
  3. They figured whatever happens they can still work for Uber.
  4. They’ve seen all Fast and the Furious movies and figure driving is actually like that.

Yeah, I think those are pretty accurate.