This Pennywise Decoration Will Traumatize All The Neighborhood Kids So It’s Perfect

Screencap: YouTube

We know that Halloween is still six months away, but the TransWorld Halloween & Attractions show is currently going on in St. Louis, and you just know that if you’re looking for anything to scare the hell out of anyone that’s the place to be.

Every year, people gather together to get new ideas and purchase products all relating to scary the hell out of each other. People who own or operate haunted houses, corn mazes, amusement parks or anything else where Halloween decorations will be needed, find themselves at this show.

But there’s one decoration that has everyone talking: it’s Pennywise from It, and it’s pretty much a life-size one. And this demented clown is holding a one-armed version of Georgie. Take a look at it!

Holy hell.

The folks behind this prop is Unit 70 Studios, and while there’s no word yet if it will actually be available for the public, one thing is for sure: this will traumatize any kid — nay– any person that gets near it.


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